5 Reading Practice Strategies to do at Home Daily

child reading a book

There are so many ways to practice reading at home, and it does not have to be long. At the Regina Reading Clinic, we recommend a daily practice session of about 7 minutes per day (6 days per week). Here is a new infographic giving parents 5 reading practice strategies for the coming two weeks:

Reading Practice Strategies Infographic #1 June 2022

The time for your child to practice the above strategies with you is 7 minutes. Of course, if your child wants to practice longer, that is fine. I recommend keeping practice time between 7 to 10 minutes per session.

Happy Practicing!

The Regina Reading Clinic combines research-based and evidence-based strategies into a program fully tailored to the needs of each child. Expert Speech and Language Pathologists, Registered Psychologists, Licensed Educators, and Counsellors work together to help your child read with confidence. Why wait? Contact an STG Professional today!


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